Sunday, 21 February 2016 08:31

Articles on the History of Science a New Contribution to Medieval Studies

 Dr. Rasoul Jafarian is mostly known as an outstanding scholar in the Shiite studies; however, his new book entitled Mafhum-e Elm dar Tamadon-e Eslam (The Notion of Science in the Islamic Civilization) in Persian introduces him as a prominent scholar in the History of Science. The first edition of this…
Sunday, 17 August 2014 00:23

“Articles about Concept of Science in the Islamic Civilization”

“Articles about the History of Science” by Dr. Rasoul Jafarian examines the processes different fields of science gone through in medieval Islamic time. This book contains an introduction and 17 papers as follows: The Concept of Science in the Islamic  Civilization (in the case of Ajayeb al-Makhluqat)  Amr ibn Bahr…
Friday, 20 June 2014 16:53

Medieval Times in “The Great Caliphs, the Golden Age of the Abbasid Empire”

The Abbasid era is one of the basic phases of the Iranian medieval history. The Abbasid caliphs developed an advanced and civilized state by drawing on the Umayyad, the Sassanid and the Byzantine states.  “The Great Caliphs, The Golden Age of the Abbasid Empire” by Amira K. Bennison[1] is one…

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