Sunday, 05 October 2014 16:54

Ajayeb al-Makhluqat and the Concept of Science in Medieval Times

   This paper addresses the concept of science in the encyclopedia  Ajayeb al-Makhluqat by Muhammad Tusi in the 12th century. It examines the criteria chosen by the author to determine the boundaries between science and ignorance. Having old predetermined assumptions and prejudice in mind are the main reasons for ambiguity…
Tuesday, 26 August 2014 14:54

The Concept of Khurafa in the Medieval Islamic Sources

  “Khurafa (Superstition) in the Medieval Islamic Sources” examines the concept of superstition (Khurafa) in the medieval Islamic civilization. Kheraf  or “the absurdity of the mind” is something  false but melodious to people’s mind (Ibn Manzur, 1987, V. 9, p. 66). This article addresses the concepts of science in relationship…

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